Visit Tiko as volunteer

Duration: 8 days minimum up to 12 weeks. We suggest from Saturday to Saturday but this is flexible.
Cost: US$ 225/week Includes 3 meals a day and accommodation at Tiko. Drinks, transfers, accommodation in Lusaka, and tourist activities are not included. The standard package includes all meals, but if volunteers staying longer decide they prefer to self-cater, the price will be reduced for accommodation only.
Longer stays: The longer you stay, the more you will get out of your volunteering experience as you get to spend more time with people and get more involved in projects. There are lots of rolling activities, but depending on when you come there may be one-off projects also running.
Lusaka airport transfer: Taxis can be found outside the airport and cost around US$30 to most central backpackers.
Lusaka accommodation: There are a few options for budget accommodation in Lusaka.

8-day package overview

Day 1 Arrive in Lusaka
(transfer not included, public or private is available – we can recommend backpacker s and bus company)
Day 2 Transfer day to Tiko (transfer not included, public or private, whatever the client prefers)
Dinner and overnight at Tiko community centre
Day 3 – 7 Volunteering activities, overnight and all meals with Tiko. Examples of activies are outlined below and depend on your skills, experience and interests.
Day 8 Departure day after breakfast

Projects for volunteers to run independently

  • Plan and make a radio show with Tiko children
  • Design and carry out research on a chosen topic or something that would help Tiko to develop and better understand our community:
    Health/living conditions/attitudes to farming/permaculture/family planning Research could be carried out with support of interns for capacity building too.
  • Make some short films about Tiko life

Agriculture and permaculture activities

  • Receive a teaching session about permaculture
  • Learn to make a:
    • grow bag/garden bag
    • compost heap,
    • pigeon kraal
    • mud stove
    • Make a demo leaflet about permaculture for the Tiko crew and villagers
    • Keep a volunteer garden patch as a permaculture model challenge. This could be passed onto future volunteers with a garden log to follow up from.
    • Deliver a workshop or demonstration on a method of permaculture as refresher training.


IGA activities

  • Learn a skill:
    • Soap making
    • Make peanut butter
    • Weaving/Mat making
    • Animal husbandry
    • Traditional Zambian cooking
    • Teach a new dish to the kitchen
    • Deliver computer training to interns


  • Classroom assistant
  • Support learning with smaller groups in English, Maths, Science
  • Reading and story club
  • Deliver an assembly
  • Organise an art, music, drama, sports club or workshop
  • Help with adult education and English practice
  • Teach computer skills
  • Weekly Nyanja lessons



  • Visit home-based carers to learn what they do
  • Attend a positive livers’ workshop
  • Attend and assist with home-based care seminar or workshop
  • Create new educational tools for school, home-based carers, HIV/AIDS centre
  • Organise a workshop on nutrition or hygiene


  • Maintain Facebook page
  • Update website
  • Explore tourism marketing and advertising opportunities
  • Research CBO funding opportunities
  • Apply for funding opportunities

Activities and entertainment

Katete is a quiet town so student volunteers won’t be out partying every night. On the flip side, you experience life in a small rural town as many people in Zambia live, and get to spend time working with Zambians that you probably won’t find in a city.  And there are activities and places to visit nearby and in the surrounding area!

  • Cultural safari to Kachipu village US$30 – walk round a Zambian village with a guide, have a vegetarian feast, and watch a traditional girls’ initiation dancing ceremony, Chinamwali.

Depending on availability Gule wamkulu, the Nyau ghost dance is sometimes also performed in nearby villages , and recognized by UN Heritage. When dancing, the men are believed to be spirits with magical powers and no longer mortals. An intriguing and invigorating insight into local culture and tradition.

  • Bike ride with Tiko bikes
  • Visit St Francis Hospital or Hike up Mphangwe mountain
  • Walk to Chimbalu
  • Katete nightclub – maybe not for everyone or every week but worth a visit for the experience!
  • Film afternoon on Saturday and Sunday
  • Table tennis
  • Trip to Msoro cathedral – worst road ever, proper adventure for overnight – public transport leaves in the evening


  • South Luangwa National Park (6 hours) – Taxi direct US$160, or public transport is much cheaper but less comfortable.  Around US$500 for two days at Flatdogs Camp sleeping in a safari tent surrounded by elephants and hippos.  This is one of the cheaper lodges and Tiko volunteers get a discount. Well worth it!


Volunteer criteria


Volunteers can be students or professionals with more experience. Preferably minimum 18 years of age. We ask only that you come with an open mind, are willing to get stuck in and help in any way you can, and bring a sense of humour.